Thursday, July 17, 2014

Hamas embraces an ethos of death, with repercussions for all

As Israel observed a humanitarian ceasefire at the request of the UN, Hamas and its allies were apparently using this time to plan their next round of attacks. As the above graphic shows, Israel is facing a serious threat from  a well-armed foe bent on its destruction.
By now I was hoping I might be able to write a post about how Hamas had come to its senses, ended its ceaseless rocket attacks and other terrorist activities, and a relative peace had returned to the region. I hoped that this might happen, but of course I also knew that it was unlikely –after all, a terrorist regime that uses human shields is unlikely to just wake up one morning and decide to respect human life.

Sadly, the fighting rages on, and the Palestinian people remain hostage to Hamas and its minions, while Israelis are forced to live their lives constantly on edge as they wait for the next siren to sound, the next mortar or rocket to land. It is indisputable that there have been tragic incidents on both sides, but I think it is vital that the world not lose sight of the fact that although there have been relatively few Israeli deaths and injuries, it is not for a lack of trying on the part of Hamas and other terrorist organizations. Nor should Israel be asked to apologize, implicitly, by some in the media, that “only” one Israeli has been killed to date.   

In addition to the indirect fire attacks from Gaza that there have also been at least two attempts by terrorists to enter Israel –once by sea, this morning by tunnel – with nefarious purpose.
Further evidence that Hamas has no interest in a peaceful resolution was on display today, when, within seconds of the end of a United Nations requested humanitarian truce, the rocket attacks from Gaza resumed right away. 

While Israel does everything it can toprevent death and injury to Palestinian civilians, and admits (and investigates) when it makes a mistake and innocent lives are lost, Hamas delights in the deaths of Israelis and Palestinians equally – the former seen as inhuman and alien, the latter as martyrs for their cause. As long as this pattern continues, with Hamas and its allies seeking to cause indiscriminate death and destruction, I’m afraid peace feels a very long way off.

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