Words and our world: A series of occasional essays on the intersection of life and literature


One of the wonderful things about a liberal arts education is that students have the opportunity to come into contact with literature. While there are myriad lessons to be learned in chemistry labs and business seminars, it is in the exploration of novels, poetry and short stories that we see a multifaceted reflection if the worlds we inhabit, and begin to think about our own places within them.

Literature dramatizes, sympathizes and humanizes - it makes palpable the intangible and concrete the abstract, it provokes and engages. For all of these reasons I believe that a constant connection to literature, both in classrooms and beyond, contributes to the health and well-being of democratic societies. This is something I believe in deeply, so I've decided to post a series of occasional essays here on my 36 Voices blog about the intersection of literature and civil society, human rights and public policy.

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